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Well, we are guessing that you do some sort of work for around 40 hours per week to earn an income? And that your work may be just that.. Work. So you might be looking for something new? Something challenging? Something different?

You are one of the lucky ones who don't work but rather lives and through living, you do something every day that not only brings in an income but also fulfils you BUT you might know of someone who works and who is looking for a change.

You run/work for a business which has people in it and you/they need someone to help out with the people side but you can't justify having a people's person hanging around for 40 hours a week / 12 months a year?

Let us introduce you to HumanValue . . .


We are a consultancy which has 2 key focuses - Finding and connecting businesses with top talent and adding as much value as we possibly can to a business. That's the basis of our tagline - Connecting People | Adding Value.

Whilst we need to keep the lights on, we strongly believe that relationship management trumps once-off business deals, that transparency and honesty are absolute necessities in working together and quality will always be better than quantity.


HumanValue is a Silvertree Capital company which was founded and is run by Nicole Stone. Before joining the Silvertree group, Nicole worked across and gained experience in different industries including IT, Professional and Financial Services and Retail, all in HR/Recruitment focused positions. Graduating from Stellenbosch University in 2007 with a degree in Human Resources, Nicole spent 6 years in London before relocating back to Cape Town in 2012 where she is currently based. Her strengths lie in Recruitment, Talent Management and HR Process and Policy creation.


Sarah Bakos joined the team in July 2016 and comes with a wealth of Recruitment knowledge. Over the last 10 years, she has worked in a variety of different fields which include IT, Finance, Marketing and HR. She assists in positioning clients as employers of choice and is just as passionate in helping candidates with career advancement opportunities. APSO accredited and currently studying towards a BCom in HR Management, Sarah’s strengths lie in Recruitment, Executive Search and Account Management.

Want to contact Nicole Stone?

nicole@humanvalue | +27 72 470 9243 | LinkedIn

Want to contact Sarah Bakos?

sarah@humanvalue | +27 76 130 4161 | LinkedIn


Anke Scherman joined the team in the first week of January 2017 as a Talent Specialist. Although new to the recruitment industry, with a Public Relations Management Diploma under her belt and a working history in the Public Relations industry, Anke quickly began to realise that her greatest gratification came from working with people. She takes great pride in developing and maintaining business relationships and her passion for humans is what brought her to HumanValue.


Christel Weinert joined HumanValue in November 2016 as an HR Co-ordinator. Although fairly new to the recruitment game, the last 8 years of Christel's career timeline has allowed her to utilise her key strengths. Her ability to organise, create streamline processes and her acute attention to detail have become her skilful traits. She is an avid people's person and gravitates towards helping others. APSO accredited and a certified Biometrics officer, she always enjoys assisting in the recruitment process and creating a pleasant environment for candidates, clients and colleagues alike.

Want to contact Anke Scherman?

anke@humanvalue | +27 84 824 8249 | LinkedIn

Want to contact Christel Weinert?

christel@humanvalue | +27 72 456 1404 | LinkedIn


We deal with people. We break down Human Resources into 2 verticals - Recruitment and HR consulting Services.

We all know that people are the biggest investment in a business and hiring the right people is not only vital but can also be difficult. That's where we come in. We manage the recruitment process in its entirety - from scoping out and writing the job description for you, to finding, screening and interviewing talent to managing the offer process.

And then?

And then we have the rest of an employee's life cycle with you sorted. The HR consulting Service we offer to our clients encompasses everything from inductions, HR admin, process and policy creation, performance appraisals, managing promotions, restructures, dismissals, and all HR communications. We become your HR Department. It doesn't matter how big your existing team is or how big you envision your team to become. We don't have a ceiling on the size of a business we deal with. We also have a program option for clients who need ad-hoc HR project work done.

Want to know more about our offering? Click here


Want to know why we are different? Here are a few reasons:

  • We are a consultancy, not an agency. We believe that the quality is better than the quantity, which means that we don't work to rigid KPI's but rather, because we want to deliver a high quality service.
  • We are also clients in our own lives. Which means that we understand what good customer service looks and feels like. We also understand the importance of expectation management and following through on promises made.
  • We aren't scared of hard work or tight dead-lines. If we need to put in extra graft to produce work we promised we would, in an agreed timeframe - we will. And if we can't? We'll manage your expectations ahead of time.
  • Budgets. We aren't rigid and we understand that clients have different needs, requirements and amounts to spend on various services and so we work with that. We do understand what our worth is but at the same time won't ever try to rip you off.


We are based in Cape Town, South Africa but do not limit ourselves to Cape Town based clients only.

The HumanValue team are not afraid to travel, so if you’re business is based in Johannesburg/ London/the world and there are requirements in those area’s - we can and will travel.


Are you the talent we spoke about at the top of this website? Want to send us your CV?


Are you the lucky one who doesn't work but rather lives and would like to refer someone to us?

Do you run/work for a business which needs Recruitment for HR Consulting Services or both?


Get in touch with us! We'd love to hear from you and see how we can add value to you or your business.



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