WHY we're different

Recruitment and HR consultancy is not just what
we do, but who we are.
That’s what makes us stand out.

We’re not an agency

We’re also clients

We aren’t scared of hard work

We work with your budget

We are a consultancy, not an agency.

We believe that the quality is better than the quantity, which means that we don't work to rigid KPI's but rather, because we want to deliver quality service and not quick fix solutions for long-term recruitment and HR commitments.

Regardless of size of their business, HumanValue’s clients trust us to find the right talent when they need it which gives them time to be more productive and profitable.

We also take great care to help minimise interruptions to the company’s workflow. In order to make this happen, we’ll put in extra work if necessary, to meet deadlines, and deliver on our promises without ever extending the pre-approved budget.