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Over Promising & Under Delivering | By Nicole Stone

You didn’t read the heading of this blog incorrectly – Over promising and under delivering is a real thing and it needs to be given some air time.

When I lived in London, I got called out by a very good friend. On a Monday, we made plans to meet for drinks after work that coming T...


#Goals | By Christel Weinert

A good part of my twenties has been filled with making resolutions. “I will start on Monday”; “Next year will be my year”. I have never been able to keep any of them. Why? I always knew that there was another Monday around the corner and that next year, even though 365 days away, will come a...


Abandoning a bad habit | By Nicole Stone

Given that it’s January and we all love a good new year’s resolution to accompany a new year (new you!) we felt that the most logical theme for this month should revolve around wellness.

Did you know - The date one is most likely to fall off the resolution band wagon and revert ba...


January- The Month Of Wellness | By Christel Weinert

January is the month of ‘Wellness’ here at HumanValue. When I think of the word ‘Wellness’, I think about one’s overall well being, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Over the past year, my life has made a complete 360 degree turn around. The biggest lesson which I have lea...


Self Acknowledgement | By Nicole Stone

Self Acknowledgement: Acknowledging what you as an individual do/does.

As people, we often struggle to acknowledge what we actually do – on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Life seems to rush by in literally a moment, we have a million things on our plates and to add to th...


Work Environment | By Christel Weinert

This is my third week into my new job here at HumanValue. It has been three weeks full of new opportunities and learning experiences. This led me to think about the work environment and what an impact it actually has on one’s overall performance and state of mind. We spend around 40 hours at work ...


Practical tips for people who hate PUBLIC SPEAKING | By Nicole Stone

I definitely do not fall into the confident public speaking camp. And I’m pretty sure many of my peers, colleagues, friends and acquaintances are in the same boat as me.

This feeling will resonate with some (most) – An impending event is coming up which you’ve agreed to take par...


Who actually cares about your social media trail? | By Nicole Stone

We’ll, everyone apparently. Maybe not right away but down the line if / when, for some reason, you are thrust into a position of interest and people want to find out what your online cookie trail looks like.

Social Media is a strange thing – If you don’t actually work in social ...


The Trifecta | By Nicole Stone

Recruitment, like any other profession, has an ecosystem. Our ecosystem has 3 (tri) components and depending where you fall on the triangle, will determine what is important and where your focus lies.

The relationship between an agency, a candidate and a client is an interesting dynam...


HumanValue turns 1 | By Nicole Stone

Starting a business is kind of like falling pregnant – either you a) Plan for a baby - you plan, prepare, save, make necessary changes to current lifestyle, plan some more and keep going till you achieve desired outcome or b) You are busy living your life and "children will come when you are older...