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Connect | By Nicole Stone

Contrary to popular belief, connecting with candidates and clients is an art and kind of like Marmite. Either you love putting yourself out there and meeting new people or it really isn’t for you.

I’ve had a very temperamental relatio...


Ctrl+Alt+Delete | By Christel Weinert

Some days I feel like a walking paradox. I have an immense fascination on the impact social media can have on a business, and yet, in a personal capacity, I dislike how it allows us to detach from one another. Working in the Recruitment industry and...


A Brilliant Mind | By Christel Weinert

I always find it fascinating that some of my fondest and greatest memories are those which took place during my childhood. I find it even more compelling to watch the way in which our youth is developing today. It is still such a peculiar feeling for...


The Head Down Generation | By Christel Weinert

“The head down generation”- that is the phrase which resonates with me when I think of society and our generation in particular. Look around and you can’t help but notice how we have become a society fixated on our phones and devices, rather than eac...


Grateful | By Nicole Stone

The month of love is almost a thing of the past - 4 more days till we hurtle into autumn. I wanted to end the month off and write about how important it is to be grateful for what we have. People always say things like “count your blessings”, and “yo...


Love is a virtue | By Christel Weinert

February is the month of love. A month with a lot of emphasis put on spousal love and romance. I therefore thought that it might be unconventional to shift the focus into more of a general direction and shine some light on self-love and the love we p...


Over Promising & Under Delivering | By Nicole Stone

You didn’t read the heading of this blog incorrectly – Over promising and under delivering is a real thing and it needs to be given some air time.

When I lived in London, I got called out by a very good friend. On a Monday, we made pla...


#Goals | By Christel Weinert

A good part of my twenties has been filled with making resolutions. “I will start on Monday”; “Next year will be my year”. I have never been able to keep any of them. Why? I always knew that there was another Monday around the corner and that next ye...


Abandoning a bad habit | By Nicole Stone

Given that it’s January and we all love a good new year’s resolution to accompany a new year (new you!) we felt that the most logical theme for this month should revolve around wellness.

Did you know - The date one is most likely to fa...


January- The Month Of Wellness | By Christel Weinert

January is the month of ‘Wellness’ here at HumanValue. When I think of the word ‘Wellness’, I think about one’s overall well being, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Over the past year, my life has made a complete 360 degree turn aro...