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Elements | By Nicole Stone

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the word Environment?

For me, it’s ELEMENT – Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Which are essential to life. For those of you who live in South Africa and specifically Cape Town, you’ll know all about our depleting element ...


It's In The Approach | By Christel Weinert

Approach. I have learnt a great deal from putting this 8-worded letter into practice. Disappointment, challenges, stress, fear, anxiety and negativity are all common facets that we come to deal with at some point in our lives. I have experienced the greatest peace from coming to terms with the fact ...


Adaptability | By Christel Weinert

April- the season where mornings are crisp and fresh, dew droplets cover windowsills and the sun sets and rises painting the sky in its' glorious autumn glow. There is something incredibly beautiful and fascinating about the way in which nature seems to effortlessly morph into a new rhythm with each...


South Africa | By Nicole Stone

I am proudly South African.

I was born in Cape Town in 1985. Our family was probably closer to the political situation then most because of my father’s career. He served in the Navy for many years than went on to become a diplomat for South Africa which took us to Canada for 3 years...


Connect | By Nicole Stone

Contrary to popular belief, connecting with candidates and clients is an art and kind of like Marmite. Either you love putting yourself out there and meeting new people or it really isn’t for you.

I’ve had a very temperamental relationship with Recruitment over the last 10 years....


Ctrl+Alt+Delete | By Christel Weinert

Some days I feel like a walking paradox. I have an immense fascination on the impact social media can have on a business, and yet, in a personal capacity, I dislike how it allows us to detach from one another. Working in the Recruitment industry and doing our company’s marketing, I see first-hand ...


A Brilliant Mind | By Christel Weinert

I always find it fascinating that some of my fondest and greatest memories are those which took place during my childhood. I find it even more compelling to watch the way in which our youth is developing today. It is still such a peculiar feeling for me to see children as young as 3 years old with s...


The Head Down Generation | By Christel Weinert

“The head down generation”- that is the phrase which resonates with me when I think of society and our generation in particular. Look around and you can’t help but notice how we have become a society fixated on our phones and devices, rather than each other and our surroundings. Over the weeke...


Grateful | By Nicole Stone

The month of love is almost a thing of the past - 4 more days till we hurtle into autumn. I wanted to end the month off and write about how important it is to be grateful for what we have. People always say things like “count your blessings”, and “you should be grateful for [insert whatever to...


Love is a virtue | By Christel Weinert

February is the month of love. A month with a lot of emphasis put on spousal love and romance. I therefore thought that it might be unconventional to shift the focus into more of a general direction and shine some light on self-love and the love we practise in our friendship circles.