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Mind/Matter | By Christel Weinert

There is no greater time for the implementation of ‘mind over matter’ than at 04:45am. The repetitive sound of my alarm is chiming next to my bed and immediately thoughts start streaming through my mind- ‘Is it even normal to wake up at this hour?’,...


Human Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence | By Christel Weinert

The 21st century is filled with so many incredible forward-thinking progressions and intelligence is the driving force behind it. The way humans are able to problem solve, adapt to different environments, create, communicate, motivate and acquire kno...


Intellect | By Nicole Stone

In my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to surround myself with some incredible minds. The type of people where, if you spend time in their space, you know you’ll come out the other side a fundamentally better human being. You hang onto e...


Viewpoint | By Christel Weinert

This past Sunday was Father’s Day but it felt more like Daughter’s Day. My Father surprised me with an impromptu helicopter tour around the Atlantic Coast. It was an incredibly special experience that I will never forget. I could never have foreseen...


Change | By Christel Weinert

June- The month when seasonal change is really evident. Noses are runny, hands are cold, windscreens are icy in the morning and the light takes its time to surface. Apart from the ghastly flu that one might experience during this change, it isn’t an...


Growth | By Christel Weinert

Dreams, hopes and aspirations- what seeds have you planted at the beginning of this year and have you seen any of them bloom? This year seems to be flying by quickly and I can hardly believe that we are approaching the half way mark of the year alrea...


Elements | By Nicole Stone

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the word Environment?

For me, it’s ELEMENT – Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Which are essential to life. For those of you who live in South Africa and specifically Cape Town,...


It's In The Approach | By Christel Weinert

Approach. I have learnt a great deal from putting this 8-worded letter into practice. Disappointment, challenges, stress, fear, anxiety and negativity are all common facets that we come to deal with at some point in our lives. I have experienced the...


Adaptability | By Christel Weinert

April- the season where mornings are crisp and fresh, dew droplets cover windowsills and the sun sets and rises painting the sky in its' glorious autumn glow. There is something incredibly beautiful and fascinating about the way in which nature seems...


South Africa | By Nicole Stone

I am proudly South African.

I was born in Cape Town in 1985. Our family was probably closer to the political situation then most because of my father’s career. He served in the Navy for many years than went on to become a diplomat for...