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Unexpected Lesson | By Christel Weinert

Daily, our paths cross with many people and every now and then, we meet somebody who either leaves an impression, teaches us something or makes us look at our world in a unique way. On Monday, I had an unexpected encounter with Themba, a gentleman wh...


Nostalgia | By Christel Weinert

Today marks my 1-year anniversary with HumanValue and I have to say, paired with the time of the year we find ourselves in, I am feeling a tad bit nostalgic. Perhaps the sight of Christmas lights and the infamous Bonny M in stores is adding to this a...


The Build Up | By Christel Weinert

Rubble, mess and chaos. Three factors which are bound to occur when new things are being built. To build something new means that the old will be teared down and structure will fall away. Anybody who knows me, knows that I thrive off structure and or...


HumanValue Turns 2 | By Nicole Stone

How I feel about HumanValue turning 2 is I’d imagine how a mom would feel about her baby turning 2 – bursting with pride, excitement, exhaustion, anxiety and overall genuine happiness.

No longer a baby but hurtling towards being genuin...


Humanity | By Christel Weinert

Every month at HumanValue we choose a subject to base all our writing material on. This month is no different as we draw inspiration from celebrating South Africa. We often live our lives in a very sheltered manner, rarely venturing out of our famili...


Unity | By Christel Weinert

People. People are the crux of what recruitment essentially encompasses. Without the relationships and networks that we have in place, the business would be null and void. Particularly, after having worked in the recruitment industry, I have become i...


The Good Always Outshines The Bad | By Christel Weinert

Every now and then we all fall captive to the state of being where our problems and trials seem to be the focal point of our existence. Unknowingly, we fall into the trap of focusing on all that has and will go wrong whilst forgetting to shine the li...


Dear Future Self....... | By Christel Weinert

This week I turned 28, and as it is our last week of Self-Development week here at HumanValue, I thought that I would write about ‘Self Understanding’. As each birthday passes, I seem to obtain a better understanding of who ‘Christel’ really is, what...


Simplicity | By Christel Weinert

Each month here at HumanValue, we pick a theme to base our articles on. For the month of August, we have chosen ‘Self Development’ as the source of content. When I think of the word self-development, I think of one making a continuous effort to learn...


Self Development | By Nicole Stone

Endurance sport is a good way to spend your time if you’d like to learn more about yourself, The good, bad, ugly and the beautiful.

My relationship with long distance trail running is much like with myself, turbulent. The logical part...