Ride The Wave | By Christel Weinert

As we begin to wind down with the sun shortly setting on 2018, I thought that I would trade my usual lengthy articles in for a shorter, minimalist narrative around this year and how it has impacted me.

Ebb and flow -‘a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth’

2019 - she’s around the corner and I can hardly believe how swiftly this year has gone by. When I think of 2018, an immediate vision of my fury best friend and I sitting at the beach comes to mind. That tangible visual of the ebb and flow of the waves is a direct correlation to the rhythm of life and the lessons to be found in both the calmness and tumult; trusting the rhythm and riding the wave. I have always been drawn to nature and the belief that life emulates its patterns in more ways than we realize. Sit near the ocean, a pond or a lake and you’ll soon enough notice the effortless way in which the water flows around obstacles.

Whilst the idea of a tranquil and crystal-clear ocean is the most appealing, as I reflect on the last 12 months, I realize that the growth and empowerment I have encountered would not have been possible without enduring turbulent times. In fact, that beautiful sea shell that you go hunting for when walking on the beach? It too had to be weathered and polished by rough seas to obtain its beautiful shine and rarity in formation. The soft, warm, white sand that your feet sink into is a by-product of eroded rocks and minerals, blanketing the coast. There is power, beauty and development in swimming upstream. The back and forth notion is what allows us to continually evolve, rather than remaining in a stagnated state.

Whether your 2018 mirrors a still and peaceful stretch of water, rough sailing, or maybe even a little bit of both – the unpredictability of life is something that we will never be able to foresee or control. Franklin D. Roosevelt famously once said that ‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’.

I am grateful that this year has taught me to not rely on exterior factors to keep me afloat, rather, I have come to learn that my greatest anchor in tempestuous times is found in persistence, trust, peace and patience.

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