Supercharge Recruiting | By Christel Weinert

Having been exposed to the recruiting environment for a good chunk of my career, my first tangible experience of actively being involved in the entire recruitment life cycle took place last month. As a non-veteran Recruiter, I found great value and practicality in amplifying the following 4 approaches. Not a Recruiter? You may find that certain aspects mentioned can be integrated into various areas of both your personal and professional life.

Demonstrate unique engagement style:

In the initial 7 seconds of meeting somebody, meaningful and lasting impressions are established. Because talent is approached by multiple agencies on any given day, your superpower is in the ability to be distinct. We each possess our own collection of characteristics which essentially is the key to forming and maintaining relationships. How you choose to engage with talent is ultimately going to be the greatest significant factor in the process.


Sound like a sales person! You’re collaborating with a human being and their future, not a product.


Make it personal. Take interest in his/her life, aspirations and family. Adding this human element into conversation will not only give you the opportunity to form a good rapport, it will grant you the added benefit of understanding pivotal factors such as whether he/she will be a good culture fit.

Despite what Tinder may say, technology won’t fill the gaps- EVER:

In a society fixated on technology, a phone call, email, or text only tells you so much about a person. Soft skills such as energy, social skills, demeanor and approach-ability are only truly established through a face-to-face meeting. People value relationship and authentic connection. Your entire outlook can change through one meeting- sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Take note of punctuality, presentation, level of interest in the position and personality. Ultimately, you know your client and the type of talent they are on the hunt for. Without allowing personal preferences to cloud your judgment, will they gravitate towards your find?

The gut never lies- trust your intuition:

During the process of sourcing and conversing with talent, my colleague Sarah highlighted the fact that I tend to disregard my instincts. You know, that uneasy, uncertain feeling that hits you when engaging with somebody? It’s usually a sign of what is to come. Take my word for it, save both yourself and client the time and effort. Valuing your judgement across all spheres of your life will allow you to utilize your energy where it matters the most.

A little prep goes a long way:

You’d be surprised at how much value is added to the candidates experience in providing preparation material. People appreciate effort and guidance- directions and details outlining what to expect, instills confidence and removes the added and unnecessary anxiety in the finer details.

Stripping down this article, the most important recurring factor is the notion of relationship and connection- a direct reflection of our tagline; Connecting People | Creating Value and what matters the most to us as a team.