Spring-clean Your Mind | By Christel Weinert

“Spring” according to Wikipedia: “Spring" and "springtime" refer to the season, and to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.” I have always loved how this season is often used as a metaphor relating to life. A lovely visualization of stepping out of the old and into all things new. Whilst flowers appear to bloom so effortlessly, I think that we can all agree that growth in our personal and professional lives are far from effortless. HumanValue has recently given me the wonderful opportunity of attending fortnightly Life Coaching sessions with Charlotte Haggie. I had a great "aha" moment hit me during my session as I began to recognize how important it is to spring-clean our mind and the intangible factors which prove to be a vital part of who we are as human beings.

I thought about how regularly we spring-clean our homes, cars and personal belongings. Yet, we neglect to sow, prune, nourish and water the very root of who we are as human beings - our emotional, physical and overall well-being. September marks 4 months left of 2018! With a mere 17 weeks left of the year, I have decided to share a few pointers, in the hopes that the last couple of months are lush ones, for us all.

Unlearn a toxic self-belief:

The damaging beliefs we attach to ourselves can stump our growth. Very often, all the negative things we tell ourselves, are NOT based on factual certainty. Think about a time during your career this year when your pessimistic thought process hindered your progression during a task, project, meeting, interview or phone call to a client. Now challenge yourself to start utilising negative self-talk into a tool and mindset which will propel you into a productive state of reaching your goals. Ask yourself whether your thoughts are merely perceptions, or whether there are elements of truth to it- challenge the hell out of them!

Make a list of the 10 best things you did this year (so far):

We usually undergo this task once the year is over. I wonder though, how much value there is in asking this question ahead of time and whether it ables us to re-ignite some dormant dreams and goals? The act of acknowledging your triumphs may plant a seed of revived strength and will! You may be surprised at all the seemingly insignificant mountains you have already conquered and with a couple of more months to go, you may encounter your greatest victory yet!

Make a list of 5 things you WISH you’d done this year:

It is just as important to take note of our short comings as it is to magnify our triumphs. This can be an empowering move to undertake. Where have you sold yourself short? What is it that you have ‘put off’? Acknowledge where you can start implementing changes and perhaps by the last day of the year, this ‘wish’ of yours may very well be a part of your reality.

Accept the let-downs you encountered this year:

I intentionally Googled a synonym for the word ‘failure’ as I have always found it to be a brutal word. The reality is that there is not one human being roaming this earth who has not confronted some form of defeat. I believe that there is so much power in the realisation that we can’t fight or win new battles if we’re still waging war on the past.

Let’s tap into our boldness before the year ends and simply ‘let it go’.