Preparation | By Christel Weinert

The last 8 months have been an exciting and joyful time for our team, as we await the arrival of our colleague Anke’s baby boy. Throughout her pregnancy, there was a key factor which Anke and her husband had to continually practice- the act of preparation. I personally couldn’t believe how much planning goes in to ensuring that things are ready for the arrival of a child. From heaps of admin, organizing the home, ensuring that the necessary products and clothing are in order, to equipping oneself with the knowledge needed for a new addition- preparation infiltrates into every area during such a transformative period in life. Similarly, I believe that a lot of the success we face in business and career, can be attributed to the amount of preparation behind projects, meetings, reports and presentations. Preparation can at times be dull, uninteresting and boring, but the fruits of labour are worth the effort- enhancing self-discipline, strategic thinking whilst enhancing flexibility and developing resilience.
While writing this article, I became acutely aware of the fact that whilst I do understand what preparation is and the importance of it, I have not mastered it and I am going to try and apply this more to all areas of my life. Another word for preparation is “groundwork”, an interesting analogy which paints an image of a solid foundation being built before the refined work begins. This insinuates that tasks at hand do require some preliminary work to truly get the best and desired outcome.
The difference between PROACTIVE and REACTIVE is preparation:
For some, preparation and planning come naturally and for others, it is a discipline that over time can be learnt, some people even thrive on tackling challenges as they arise and prefer to not live in their lives in a state of ‘readiness’. The advantage of instilling the discipline of prepping into your life is the ability to manage problems more quickly and efficiently, with the benefit of having the solutions needed to implement, at hand.
Understand why:
When preparing, ask yourself what it is you would like to accomplish. If your answer doesn’t make sense or if it doesn’t align with the result, concentrate on understanding the scope of what you are managing. As human beings, we can be thrown off by ambiguity and a lack of clarity and this can be used as a blocking agent on our creativity juices and motivation.
Rather than racing through the process, ensure that you focus on doing it efficiently. You may have to re-visit one area many times to get it right. Rather than viewing this as a waste of time, see it as an endeavour to ensure the best outcome with an advantageous and strategic approach.
Let’s keep it real though, at times, we can do all the preparation we want and still the unexpected may arise, leaving us to feel overwhelmed and ambushed. The power behind doing the legwork is that either way, you will have certainty, comfort and satisfaction in knowing that you have done your best to smooth out the rough edges prior to inception. We can’t control everything, and I believe that being given that ability would take away from the beautiful serendipitous nature and tendency of life- here’s to finding the equilibrium.

Written by: Christel Weinert (
28th June 2018