Pendulum | By Christel Weinert

I adore science fiction, so much, in fact, that I would choose Spielberg over any Julia Roberts Rom-com in a heartbeat. Growing up, when my Father and I weren’t in nature, you could find us watching the latest sci-fi film and to this day, the futurism genre, acts as the cement to our bond. Personally, the fascination which I have with sci-fi lies in the mystery of the unknown, and the captivating thought of there being more beyond what we currently see, is something that I find incredibly alluring. This past weekend, I watched “Ready Player One”, a movie centered around a virtual reality universe. I began to recognise that unlike when I was a child of 5 in the late 90’s, science fiction is becoming an extremely tangible reality for humanity. The dictionary describes science fiction as; fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

In typical Virgo nature, I began to think about how the progression of technology has impacted the business world in relation to human interaction. Most businesses are moving towards everything being accessed via online only, which can lead to impersonal experiences for both internal and external parties. If you think back to how business was conducted 10 years ago, everything was essentially done face-to-face or telephonically, allowing for strong networks and relationships to be built.

In your personal capacity, how often do you wish you could pick up the phone and speak to somebody instead of resorting to another ‘FAQ’ article or reading through page long threads on a forum just to find an answer to a question you may have? Perhaps, like a pendulum, we hold the power to decide how far we want to swing towards technology and human interaction and ultimately, perhaps settling somewhere in the middle provides a satisfactory equilibrium.

Here at HumanValue, we are acutely aware of the digital age and industry we find ourselves in, which is why we place a huge emphasis on human interaction, relationship building and connecting. Our Founder is aware of the negative connotation the recruitment industry possesses and therefore has built a brand on a few old school principles which I believe can be applied across any business found in any industry.

1) The Power of Meeting in Person:

Meeting face-to-face removes impersonal interactions, enabling us to gain a deeper sense of who you are and where your career purpose lies. Whilst your CV provides us with your skillset, your personality will allow us to position you at clients who will be a culture fit for you. Subsequently, allowing you to join a team, rather than just another company or business.

2) Emotions Are Contagious:

Much like when you share a good laugh with a close friend, positive emotions and conversation is contagious. We often find that after spending time with candidates, we obtain an increased enthusiasm for the profession they find their selves in and a deeper understanding and heart behind the work that they do, equipping us with a better idea of which clients and roles we should be positioning them at, making it more personal.

3) It’s All About Relationships:

Being successful in both a personal and business capacity is largely reliant on the relationships we build and maintain. The beauty of relationships is that it is the gift that keeps on giving. Networks ultimately stem from strong relationships and referrals, we therefore strive to maintain this connection through regular communication.

4) Give Your Fingers A Rest:

We love our social media platforms and channels just as much as the next the person. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Skype and WhatsApp- However, we cannot contest that having an actual conversation on the telephone with somebody allows for streamline communication (no back and forth), an opportunity to relay our personalities over the phone, transparency in tone and there is a definitive end to the conversation. It’s honestly just nice to someone’s voice.

With the help of gravity, Pendulum’s swing back and forth. Similarly, I believe that humanity should remain the gravity and centre of everything we do as humans. As sensational as sci-fi and technology advancements are, it will never be able to substitute the authentic, genuine and true tangible beauty of communication, interaction, human emotion and good ol’ relationship building.

Written by: Christel Weinert (
05 April 2018